McHenry County/Chicagoland’s premier outdoor advertising product

The best advertising campaigns utilize Billboards in their Media Mix.

Digital Display 11' x 22'
Digital Displays – 11′ x 22′
Rt 31 n/o New Rt 31 Bypass
These locations are the premier digital displays in the Northwest Suburbs to capture traffic at the base of the funnel leading into the affluent and heavily populated areas of McHenry County.

Rt 31 is the primary North/South Highway for McHenry County, connecting to every major east/west highway. This road targets McHenry, Lake, Kane and Cook County traffic.

AdLites - 6' x 12'
AdLites – 6′ x 12′
Mixed Media’s proprietary product
AdLites are internally illuminated 24 hours a day. These unique billboards are printed on translucent vinyl at 560 dpi. The customer chooses their locations and we move their signs amongst those choices on a 30/60/90 day basis.

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For information about our Detroit Metro, Iowa City, Quad Cities and other Iowa locations, please contact our office at 847-462-8433

Superwraps: 12' x 24' 30 Sheet Poster'
30 Sheet Poster

Superwraps – 12′ x 24′
30 sheet posters are the most common form of outdoor advertising. We superwrap our 12′ x 24′ billboards with high impact vinyl faces and illuminate externally.

Bulletins: 10'6" x 36' or 14' x 48'
Bulletins – 10’6″ x 36′ or 14′ x 48′
These billboards are usually found on interstates, freeways and divided highways.

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