Billboard Case Study: A Million Dreams Masquerade Ball

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Mixed Media was approached by Louis Vasquez, the Marketing Coordinator for A Million Dreams, and asked to help get the word out about an upcoming Charity Masquerade Ball to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Mixed Media created the vanity domain name “” because the original domain name of “” did not lend itself to easy retention.

The results were undeniable. Direct traffic to their site increased by 120%. The number of people who were made aware of the event and searched it out through Organic Search Engine results increased by a staggering 293%!

They designed a simple yet effective layout to target traffic on Rt 31 in both directions on their Digital Displays with 1080 (10) second spots per day.

“It was been a pleasure to work with Mixed Media Group during our months of planning for the 4th Annual Masquerade Ball. In past years, we have tried advertising through Newspapers, Indoor Electronic Advertising, AM/FM Station Commercials and Flyers but the response we received through the North/South Route 31 Billboard was very beneficial to the A Million Dreams Foundation which raises money for Make-A-Wish.

The expertise that Denny has on staff is the finest and they know how to turn ideas into easy to read, quick messages to get the point across to the consumer driving by the Electronic Bulletin Board. We received more attendees and volunteers reaching our Website than any of the past 3 years. During the time our ad was up on the Bulletin Board, we had people trying to contact A Million Dreams to attend our event, volunteer for our event, or simply donate to our event.

This is a brilliant way for anyone to raise awareness for any cause or any business looking to grow! I look forward to the synergy we have created to only grow in future years!” – Luis Vasquez

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