Why LED Screens Gained So Much Popularity For OOHA

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As a newer and innovative technology being regularly introduced, promotion and branding techniques adopted by businesses are changing at a rapid rate. The newest form of advertising is ‘Outdoor LED Displays’. These are the display screens which are dynamic in nature and are generally used in the place of traditional billboards. The display screen is generally preferred due to the fact that it is a onetime investment after which the users will be competent to customize it every time they come up with something new to the showcase. This option of advertising is a popular and viable option at present when the business owners are seeking methods to make heads turn and catch eyeballs of passersby. While it may appear to be the best available option, it is essential to check some factors prior investing in an LED display, so that the money invested might be a long-term investment rather than a mistake. These are some reasons behind their popularity:

1. Dynamic Content

The LED Displays can do something that static displays could never do, i.e. provide entertaining and dynamic content which is relevant to the audience, event, time of day and more. For instance, a restaurant can advertise its present specials on its entrance to attract the attention of passersby. Or on the other hand, a shopping mall can make use of digital billboards for advertising and wayfinding. Therefore, people are more drawn towards LED displays only because of the dynamic content and also because it is very interactive.

2. Cost-Efficiency

Obviously, the cost of Outdoor LED Screens has significantly fallen from the last few years that inspire the clients to make use of it in a new and innovative manner. Additionally, many businesses are enjoying the cost-effective impression of these screens when contrasted with the traditional outdoor signage.

Keep in mind the cost of printing and re-printing the traditional form of signage for an outdoor area. Most of the printed materials don’t last for long in the components, which implies that they must be reprinted consistently. Also, this will lead to an increase in the expenses. As such, an LED Video Wall is the much easier and cost-effective option to go with.

3. Improved Retention

Consumers are considerably paying attention to outdoor LED displays and remember digital content rather than static print-based signage. There are many factors behind this, but the primary one is the fact that people are more attracted to the color, movement, and originality.

For instance, in numerous metropolitan regions LED displays are situated at every place wherever you look, marketing everything from real estate and grocery stores to car dealership, restaurants, and pediatricians. These super-sized advertisements have been appeared to significantly increase retention rates, at times more than 50%, implying that consumers, who see an LED Display instead of a traditional one, will more probably remember its content. A large number of customers are glad to pay for such type of effect.

4. New-Outdoor Specific Technologies

For years ago, consumers who needed an outdoor display screen were compelled to manage the devices that were really intended for an indoor task. Fortunately, Outdoor LED Screens have come a long way since then.

Today, producers offer creative new outdoor specific screens that are intended to withstand wind, sunlight, moisture and even low and high temperatures. Additionally, LED Video Walls are specifically designed in such a way that they are easier to read even in the direct sunlight, providing the consumer with the much better viewing experience.


Outdoor LED Screens are the new cool thing available in the market and this has been forming quite a buzz recently. These are useful and influential and reach out a larger crowd of the audience giving a much bigger impact. It has its own charm that possesses the magnitude of reaching a big mass of audience and they do that very efficiently.

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